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What Food to Order on a Charter Jet Flight

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How Food Differs Depending on Your Private Jet

As most of the flights tend to be quite shorter hops, it is found out that the most usual selection tends to remain the same, and it does not matter where you are in the world. These smaller jets used for these types of flights cannot heat food because of not being huge enough to accommodate a kitchen and the length of the flight is a bit shorter that makes it less beneficial.

Therefore, cold platters of food, cheese, meat, sushi, snacks, salads, and sandwiches are the primary options when talking about dining. For drinks with these short flights, on the other hand, also tend to remain it as simple as possible, just a variety of coffee, soft drinks as well as a few alcoholic options. When you think of renting a private jet, you actually expect expensive and extravagant however, due to the length of flight and some limitations of these smaller plane, the truth is that most passengers choose to order straight forward menu.

If you are going for a bigger aircraft, you have more options when it comes to warming and storing food and drinks on board so the opportunities available become more varied and wider. As a matter of fact, a bigger aircraft will have a galley kitchen on board that means gourmet cuisine may be prepared in advance then served hot when the passengers are ready. However, do not forget that the size of an aircraft does not really matter. The caterers actually know what works best and will make sure that you get the best of whatever you select to order.

On Board Food Requests from All Over the World

Food requests differ from around the world. Some countries request a range from enticing vegetable, seafood dumplings and dim sum as well as meat, to jellyfish in vinegar, fillet congee and bird nest egg tart. In addition to that, the most expensive request is the Beluga caviar along with its serving spoons and bowls. Lastly, a very usual order is takeaway. It ranges from 2 opposite corners of the spectrum with well-known fast foods and restaurants, literally everything is possible.

After choosing your favorite meal from an establishment, your food will be served just prior to your flight in order to keep it as warm and fresh as possible. Furthermore, delivery isn’t possible to an airport, thus, caterers collect the food, apply cold packing and store it at a sealed container that makes the food ready to eat, and this will give you your one of the best inflight dining experiences.

Celebrating a Special Event Up in the Sky

When you think of a charter jet service, you imagine smart celebrities or ordinary people using it as an ordinary mode of transportation. However, sometimes, charter jet services are only used for special events and they can be designed just for you. Whatever the event, whether it is an engagement or birthday party, it can definitely be made very special. Visit United States private jet broker for more details.

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